Rental management

Why is it worth having a flat managed by a professional company?


Takeover of the flat from the Owner

Once the Owner has decided to have a flat managed by our company, we sign a cooperation agreement. We start the process by specifying rental terms (expected rent amount, target tenants, minimum period, settlement form, etc.). We assess the condition of the flat and its furnishings as well as recommend (or not) the introduction of changes that may translate into the highest possible rent amount. We support the Owner in supervising possible renovation work and in the process of further furnishing the flat. We also analyse the flat in formal terms – we complete and verify all documents relating to the flat, including with respect to insurance, terms of cooperation with media suppliers, etc. We make a full inventory of the flat, which forms the basis for contracts signed later with tenants. The flat prepared for rental is photographed and attractively described in an announcement, so that it would attract interest of as many potential tenants as possible.

Search for and verification of tenants

Our many-year experience makes it easier for us to find reliable and financially stable tenants. We have developed a multi-stage tenant verification process that translates into safe and long-term rental periods that do not generate losses for the flat Owner.

Signing a contract and making handing the flat over to the tenant

We sign a contract with a selected tenant on behalf of the flat Owner. This contract is to protect the Owner’s interests; therefore, it is prepared so as to minimize possible risks. Along with the contract, we sign a detailed transfer and acceptance report and prepare photographic documentation of the flat.

Handling the flat rental on an ongoing basis

During the rental term, we handle all questions and requests from the tenants on an ongoing basis, we coordinate repairs and renovations, if any. We make sure that all defects are repaired by qualified people in order to avoid repeated failures in the future. We ensure a quick response so as not to leave the tenants with a problem; we want the tenants to feel safe in the rented flat and be convinced that they can rely on us. We oversee payments and verify the flat condition on an ongoing basis.

Termination of the rental contract

Two months before the expiry of the rental contract, we contact the tenants to verify whether they plan to extend the contract. In a situation where they do not plan to stay in the flat for the following year, we begin the process of searching for other tenants. We ensure that each contract provides us with the right to show the flat to potential tenants at the end of the contract term. Thanks to that, we are able to avoid a tie-up during a period between one rental and another. As soon as the rental contract expires, we take over the flat from the tenant. Based on the acceptance report prepared on the day of signing the contract, we verify the flat condition, and we deduct any damage or destruction from a deposit paid by the tenant.