How do we operate

First of all, we work with passion and have been doing it for 15 years. We have focused on real property investment projects, because it is an activity that gives not only large returns on capital but also, and perhaps above all, great satisfaction.

Despite increasing prices, investing on the Polish market – especially in rental properties – is a great capital investment. To meet expectations but also to overcame certain fears of those who want to purchase an investment property, JUST LIKE HOME offers full support throughout the entire process.

We start with an in-depth legal and tax analysis of effects of potential transactions, so that we are able decide in advance about those aspects that may affect profitability of a given investment. We want to ensure investors a 5-10% return on an annual basis, and the final results are affected by many factors that can easily be overlooked – such as the fact of owning other real property, residence, conducting a business activity in Poland and other countries.

Together with the Investor, we think about the strategy, whether it is to be a long-term capital investment or an investment to achieve higher returns on capital in a short time. Depending on the path taken, we look for properties that would meet the Investor’s needs.

In our model, we look for properties below market prices. We focus on searching for flats in good locations that often require a major renovation. We also follow developers’ offers, because those flats can also be interesting from the viewpoint of the Investor’s tax settlements. Many times, we support the Investor in purchasing a flat in premium investment projects they simply want to have in their portfolio.

We look at each property in terms of maximum optimization and divide or arrange the space so as to generate the largest return possible.

Considering our long-term experience, we know which flats have a lot of potential. We have experience in how to renovate and fit out a flat efficiently so that it is functional and sought-after by tenants at the lowest investment cost possible.

Investors start to cooperate with us within two models. Some of people who cooperate with us decide to buy a flat that is fully prepared for rental (and often even rented), which flat we take under our management, guaranteeing long-term cooperation based on certain conditions that enables the Investor to benefit from their property in a problem-free and fully passive manner. In turn, with Investors who like the investment process and only need our support, we cooperate on a broader scale – we find property, negotiate conditions of purchase, carry out the renovation and fit-out process to ultimately find tenants and take the property under our management. In this case, we are constantly in contact with the Investor, who can influence various stages of the process.

Search for real property
We look for property below market prices and/or with high potential which, once appropriately arranged, can generate high rates of return for the Investor.
Property assessment
We verify real property in terms of investment potential, taking into account its technical conditions and location. We check the property technical condition and analyse costs of planned renovation.
Purchase of the property
We support investors in the property acquisition process. We conduct negotiations, verify the property legal status and coordinate the process of signing preliminary and final contracts for the purchase of the property. Based on a granted power of attorney, we represent the Investor and sign the contracts on their behalf.
Renovation and arrangement
We carry out the renovation process and arrange the purchased flat. We work with trusted renovation teams and take over full supervision of their work. We prepare the flat for sale / rental so that it looks attractive at the lowest cost possible.
Rental management
We take over the full care for the property purchased by the Investor, including, most of all, the rental management. On behalf of the Investor, we find and verify tenants, sign an appropriate contract and care for the property.